“It is not the fact itself, but the realization of the fact that makes all the difference”. The journey of Mr. V K Nayak from a 14 year old school boy with humble backgrounds to become a Legend in Linear Motion Technology in the World is no different.

Way back in the year 1958, Mr. V K Nayak’s mother, xxxxxxx, would be working extremely hard in the harshest of conditions to pay for her son’s education. Her rough palms and the tight fist which held the Rs. 7 for Mr. Nayak’s school fees, didn’t go unnoticed – neither to him nor to the ever so powerful the Almighty. While playing basket ball at his school, he made one of the first most powerful resolutions in his life – “My mother has toiled through her tough life to introduce me to the World of Education, I resolve to take her on a World Tour some day in the future.” That’s it, when the “Why” is so powerful the “How” becomes Simple, not easy… but Simple.

Studying and winning through the several examinations and certifications that his school and professional life gifted him, he climbed the ladder of success… patiently, honestly, rung by rung … to the top. When one reaches at the top so early on in his age, it’s time to find new avenues with a journey that’s even bigger than the previous one. With a strong background in the bearing industry from few of the top bearing companies in the world at that time, Mr. Nayak decided to explore ways to help nation build itself in terms of technology, manufacturing, banking & finance. As a consultant to Tata Economic Consultancy Services, he would frequent various nations to form successful collaborations with the companies abroad.

It was during the same time in 1982, that a German Expo was announced in New Delhi where around 32 delegates from German companies across various industries – Automobile, Manufacturing, Automation, etc. – were going to explore possible tie-ups with Indian companies. Keen to know them and their products, Mr. Nayak visited one of the stalls at the exhibition that belonged to a company called NEFF who were a BIG name in the Ballscrews Industry. Mr. Nayak met Mr. Mistruggi, the then MD of NEFF, and shared his curiosity to understand this new marvel called Ballscrews. Given the past experience with the company that made bearings, Mr. Mistruggi asked Mr. Nayak to understand the market for Ballscrews in India and meet him in Germany later after a month.

Mr. Nayak studied the Ballscrews industry meticulously and decided to meet Mr. Mistruggi within the next few days. However, Mr. Mistruggi decided to test his tenacity towards this business and hence did not share much information in the beginning. Mr. Nayak made 7 visits during the next 3 years to Germany but with no luck.

In the year 1985 (opposite of 1958), Mr. Nayak, the one to keep his promises no matter what,  grabbed the opportunity to take his mother, who was suffering from multiple illnesses and was permanently resigned to a wheelchair, on a World tour that he had promised himself way back when he was in school. During their one-day halt at Hanover, Mr. Nayak decided to visit the Hanover Messe along with his mother. Mr. Mistruggi was surprised to see Mr. Nayak and his old mother at the exhibition. He soon understood that if Mr. Nayak can fulfill his commitment to his mother after so many decades, he would be a brilliant partner for NEFF in India. His integrity and his unwavering resolve to do what he had decided long ago, struck an immediate chord with the MD of NEFF. He quickly invited Mr. Nayak and his mother for a dinner that night and made an official announcement about the partnership in front of various NEFF delegates from around the world. All the respected delegates stood at the table and raised a toast for Mr. Nayak’s mother and prayed for her good health.

This was the very beginning of the first shoot of the plant called CNC Ballscrews, whose pure seeds were laid way back in 1958 in Mr. Nayak’s mind.

Like they say “Things don’t just happen, things happen just.”