V. K. Nayak

A double graduate in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering from VJTI, Mumbai, Mr. Nayak has been an avid learner of new technologies, businesses and economies. He has received training from the prestigious IIM, Ahmedabad for “Production Management Program” and from Harvard faculty at All India Management Association for “Advanced Management Program”.

Hardwork, Patience, Humility and the Drive to Innovate form the four pillars of Mr. Nayak’s work philosophy. His systematic & solution-oriented approach, brutal focus on process & quality combined with business acumen is responsible for delivering high-precision ballscrews to DIN 69051 standard – one of the highest quality standards in the World. His willingness to provide prompt and excellence in service to his customers who are in crisis situation, has boosted the growth of CNC Ballscrews. Today, CNC Ballscrews is the only company to deliver High-Precision Ballscrews within just 24 hours to a maximum of 7 days. This makes CNC Ballscrews the fastest producers of Ballscrews in the World. Further, his regimental approach in delivering excellence has helped the company to achieve “Zero-Defect” in all ballscrews that it has every produced since its inception in 1987.

He was responsible for setting up Vickers Hydraulics Plant in Mumbai and was trained in England and Germany to understand the nitty-gritty involved. Through SKF Bearings he has worked across, Brazil, Sweden, European countries. As an Indian delegate he has been invited at several conferences including EEPC-US, Houston, Indo-Japanese Tokyo, US Governor’s conferences in Washington, Tianjin Conference, China, for small business development. Besides this, he has also worked as an active technical consultant for Tata Economic Consultancy Services for various sun-rise technologies, meeting companies across the world for collaborative development that would benefit the nation. He has been regular at the “Hannover Industries Exhibition” in Germany since 1985, and “Motek Automation Exhibition” in Stutgartt, Germany since 2002. He has also represented India at Semicon West Show in San Francisco, USA & Los Angels  Automotive Show.

It was Mr. V.K.Nayak’s dream to make India a self-sufficient nation, by creating India as the manufacturing hub of India. Way back in 1970s and 80s, ballscrews were used in mission critical applications and had to be imported from various countries. Mr. Nayak at that time was working with SKF Bearings at a very senior position. Leaving his secure and prestigious job with SKF, he ventured into a challenging and unexplored domain of Ballscrews, then completely new to Indian market. With extensive technical expertise in precision engineering, Mr. Nayak founded CNC Ballscrews and Bearings in technical collaboration with NEFF, Germany – the leaders in Linear Motion Technology.

Mr. Nayak has been a key-note speaker at various clubs, conferences and seminars. He has also published a paper on to be a good Corporate Citizen which has received accolades from the top leaders in manufacturing industry.

Mr. Nayak is working aggressively on achieving his dream to supply CNC Ballscrews to application, every machine, every sector, every nation that requires high precision, superior performance and superlative quality ballscrews. This is the company’s Make in India Mission.

Mrs Shanthi V. Nayak

Leading the company’s Finance, Accounts and Administrations is Mrs. Shanthi V. Nayak. She is clear, specific and meticulous. Coming from a banking/finance background she is great with numbers and understands the business processes to the tee. She takes care of the orders, auditing, certifications, land acquisitions, dealings with the bank, etc. Being a quick learner, though she was new to the field of technology and engineering, she has picked it up very well. She is the heart of the company and connects with every employee, workmen of the company with equal ease. A strong backbone of the company and Mr. Nayak, she provides immense support at challenging times and ensures that the morale and the enthusiasm are always at the peak.