The company has the flexibility to design Ballscrews that can replace Ballscrews of any make, any standards and for any machines/applications. This has empowered the company to always stay one generation ahead in Ballscrew Spindle Technology.

CNC Ballscrews and Bearing Company Pvt. Ltd. are the Pioneers in Ballscrews manufacturing in India. Established in the year 1987, CNC Ballscrews is a renowned brand in the Industry, for delivering High-Precision Ballscrews to DIN 69051 Standard in fastest timeline of within 24 hours to a maximum of 7 days. Led by the legend in Linear Motion Industry, Mr. V.K.Nayak, the company holds the record of creating zero-defect Ballscrews in terms of performance, ever since its inception. CNC Ballscrews derives its leadership in the Ballscrews from the vast experience of Mr. V.K. Nayak in the Bearings Industry and its strategic & technology collaboration with NEFF Antriebstechmik Automation Gmbh, Germany – the leaders in Linear Motion technology.

Today the company has implemented tens of thousands ballscrews for more than x,000 clients across various industries including – Manufacturing, Machine Tool Building, Steel Mills, Paper Mills, Pharmaceuticals. Packaging Machines, Printing Machines, Plastic Molding Machines, Automobile Manufacturers & Ancillaries, Tyre Manufacturing, Electric Transmission Tower Manufacturing Machines, Energy transportation, Food Processing Industry, Medical Appliances, Solar Energy Equipments, Pumps, Automation and many many more.

The team at CNC Ballscrews is passionate to take huge challenges head-on, which other bigger companies in the world do not dare to take up. Thanks to the regimental training received to the workmen to perform under aggressive target-lines and deliver excellence every single time. CNC Ballscrews believes in consultative approach rather than selling just a product. With an in-depth knowledge in the field of linear motion, the company believes in delivering excellence through innovation, standardization, implementation and ownership of the implementation.

Based out of Pune with a Manufacturing plant in Mangalore, CNC Ballscrews has its ballscrews implemented across the globe and plans to have its offices across India and critical manufacturing hubs around the world.