The Client is well-known for its zero downtime and excellence in quality and processes. The company had a sudden breakdown of their feeder machine in Bangalore plant. This had a direct impact on their assembly line and they had only 24 hours to get the feeder machine working. It was an issue that would have affected their prestige in an ugly way.


CNC Ballscrews started working on the drawings shared by the Client immediately and had the High Precision Ballscrews ready within just 7 hours. The Japanese company agreed that it would have taken them 3 months to have the ballscrews manufactured and arrange for the appropriate logistics to have them delivered in Bangalore. However, the CNC Ballscrews were picked up by the Bangalore plant and installed within under 24 hours and the assembly line continued to work smoothly without any interruptions.


• Superior Quality, High Precision, Best Performance
• Speed of Delivery that had saved the plant from a complete breakdown


CNC Ballscrews feels humbled to be a part of the solution for one of the renowned and prestigious Car Manufacturing company that has a reputation of uninterrupted production of cars at all its manufacturing hubs around the world. The same was appreciated by the Japanese Vice-President of the Car Company.