6 nos. of Bore Grinding Machines worth Rs. 12 Crores (Rs. 120 Million) were stalled as the European supplier had delayed the delivery of Ballscrews on all the machines. This affected the delivery schedule of machines to the end-customer – a large transportation vehicle company.


As a pilot, we suggested 2 nos. of High Precision CNC Ballscrews as per DIN 69051. With these Ballscrews there was a tremendous increase in performance of the machine and quality of the output. Hence, the company decided to have ballscrews from us for all the machines. All the resulting parameters for bore grinding like the circularity, roundness, taper and oval were within less than 1 micron on all 46 test pieces.


• The Client was able to dispatch all the 6 machines within the agreed timeframe with their customers with the sales of Rs. 12 Crores (Rs. 120 Million)
• The Client also saved on the losses it would have had to incur with the waiting period of 6 months had they waited for the European supplier


CNC Ballscrews once again delivered high quality ballscrews within record time with highest accuracy and created a WOW factor for its Clients.