The client had developed a CNC controlled plant at a cost of Rs. 200 Crores in-house for producing Inter-continental under sea Spiral Pipes for transportation of Oil and Gas. The spiral pipes were made up of about 1 inch thick steel plate. The machine required 147 Ballscrews ranging from 16mm diameter to 100mm and lengths up to 6 metres. The components to be CNC Machined weighed 400 Tonnes each. This mission critical project worth Rs. 2,000 Crores (Rs. 20 Billion) was delayed by 6 months, which was a BIG loss to the annual sales.


Our CNC Ballscrews had established its name for the fastest delivery of High Precision Ballscrews to DIN 69051. As experts, we were called to manufacture all 147 Ballscrews within the best possible time-frames and at the top-most quality levels.
Our technical team quickly studied the drawings and started executing the project. We were highly appreciated by the client (verbally as well as in written communication) for we had delivered the entire project with 147 Ballscrews within mere 3 months which meant a production rate of almost 2 Ballscrews per day.


• The client fulfilled the commitment and achieved the annual sales target of Rs. 20 Billion
• The under-sea spiral channels are running at its top performance till date since its implementation


Since the project had a direct impact on the Nations under-sea infrastructure and the link between the continents involved, CNC Ballscrews scaled a new orbit in terms of delivering bulk Ballscrews at consistently high quality and precision level in a record-breaking timeline. This expertise fetched us recognition World-wide.