ZERO DEFECT in Performance since 1986

CNC Ballscrews are pioneers in design, development and production of high precision custom-made ballscrews in India. Ranging from 12mm diameter at 2 metres to 80mm diameter at 6 metres, CNC Ballscrews have been implemented on a variety of machines at thousands of manufacturing plants across a plethora of industries at Pan-India level. CNC Ballscrews is the FIRST INDIAN COMPANY to export ballscrews to the US.

It is because of the regimental discipline and brutal focus on Quality, Precision, Reliability and Speed that has made CNC Ballscrews leaders in the production and servicing, since 1986. The base raw-material is imported from Germany and the product is manufactured using special purpose machine using key parameters that make the ballscrews highly robust, reliable, superlative and versatile with excellent pitch accuracies.

Produced by CNC Chipless roll forming machine using NEFF’s superior quality German Steel with state-of-the-art Gothic Ballpath, these ballscrews have high levels of metallurgical grain orientation that enhances their solidity, smooth functioning and their operational life. Further, these ballscrews are preloaded to patented “Rhomboidal” Zero Backlash that restricts the mechanical movement in static conditions, and during operations produces consistently high quality product with zero variations.

CNC Ballscrews are engineered to use large diameter balls and maximum number of circuits which empowers them for “Higher Load Carrying Capacities”.

The compound effect of the above parameters is the world-class ballscrew that has infinitesimally small variance to 100% accuracy as per DIN 69051 standard. Permanence is one of the key attributes of CNC Ballscrews. There may be times when the entire machine/equipment might need repair, however, CNC Ballscrews continue to perform at their peak levels even in the exacting work conditions.

The Specialized Friendly-Adaptor technology empowers us to replace ballscrews of any make, any standards and any machines/applications in the world.

Salient features of Ballscrew and nut combinations:

  • A choice of diameter, pitch, nut and spindle-ends
  •  Option for double nut or internal pre-loading available
  • Optimum kinematic properties and installation dimensions due to three different guide systems
Other Products:

We also provide Mechanical Linear Drive Units, which are delivered directly from our technology partners in Germany. These include:

  • Fully integrated linear units with ballscrew drive and re-circulating ball bearing guide system, or toothed belt drive and cam roller guides, capable of absorbing high forces and movements
  • Patented screw supports, permitting high speeds
  • Robust cam roller guides integrated in the unit profile