Quality Control & Assurance

Quality Control is as much a mental discipline as the production level discipline. The latter cannot precede the former. An inherent intention and drive to produce nothing less than excellence needs to be there even before we undertake any work. Only a great, well-nourished and well-maintained apple tree can produce great quality apples. We are meticulous about maintaining hygienic and systematized work conditions at our factory as well as office premises.

The success behind the high-precision, high-performance, enhanced life of ballscrews in the most exacting work conditions is the strict quality regimen followed at every process node of the production cycle. Of course, the technology is superlative, but a pre-emptive quality control and assurance methodology ensures that DIN-69051 standards are met to the tee.

Right from raw material inspection to the packaging and implementation of the ballscrews, the product at every preset process is thoroughly checked – through an automated quality control mechanism.

As a result, there has been no rejection within the manufacturing plant as well as at the implementation point. We are proud to say that every since the first production of ballscrews in 1986 there have been no failures till date. This is what makes CNC Ballscrews a Zero Defect Product in Performance since the company’s inception.

The following chart highlights the precision level of every ballscrew produced at the factory.
(The Micron Chart)