Why Us

CNC Ballscrews have been the leaders in Ballscrews production since 1986, when the Ballscrews industry itself was in its nascent stage, especially in India. The raison d’être of the company has been to provide the highest quality ballscrews, custom-designed to client drawings, in a record-breaking time, which the company has lived up to ever since its inception.

Company Highlights

We deliver High Precision Ballscrews within just 24 hours to a maximum of 7 days

ZERO DEFECT IN PERFORMANCE – The company has produced thousands of ballscrews since its inception in 1986 and there is been NO FAILURE of these ballscrews at the client locations

GERMAN ENGINEERING, INDIAN DESIGN makes the product robust, reliable, superlative and versatile

QUALITY, PRECISION, SPEED, RELIABILITY – a regimental discipline ensures these four success parameters are delivered at all times

Implementations across India in major industrial zones

THE FIRST INDIAN COMPANY in Ballscrew Technology to venture in the United States

TOP 12 Reasons to choose CNC Ballscrews


New: MICRON line – Precision Honed Finish Ball Threads Spindles


Patented technology with Path-breaking Ball Screw Spindle Technology DIN – 69051, keeps us One Generation Ahead always


NEFF’s Creative Motion Technology and CNC Ballscrews pre-defined configuration automates your Success every time


Innovative German Design Ball return system enhances the life of deflectors exponentially and drastically minimizes the sound in motion


Uses High Quality German Steel with state-of-the-art Gothic Ballpath design and Integral Wipers


Produced using the unique CNC Chipless machine to high Accuracies


Standards T5, T7 & T10 Lead Accuracies; T3, T1 by Special Selection


Enhances Ballscrew life due to high level of Metallurgical grain orientation & Metrology and curtails any wastage


Pre-loaded to unique German Design “RHOMBOIDAL” ZERO BACKLASH causes no mechanical movement during static state and ensures consistently high product quality


Large Balls diameter & maximum number of Circuits for higher load carrying capacities


The Specialized Friendly-Adaptor technology empowers us to replace ballscrews of any make, any standards and any machines/applications in the world


DIN-style & NEFF style Flanges available